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From an idea to a personalized and unique object, created with your hands.

A holiday, a weekend, or even a single day: however much of your time is available, dedicate it to learning but above all to rediscovering and expressing your creativity and your desire to do and to be, transmitting emotions and telling a story, through maybe the use of simple or recycled materials.

The Creative Activities of Arco Arte are born from the idea that EVERY PERSON can live their creativity through different MATERIALS, and through the manipulation of the same they can be able to express themselves and realize an idea, a product, a unique and creative object, perhaps to give as a gift, to loved ones, or to enjoy them every day.


The Paper Straw Weaving Course allows you to acquire the weaving techniques to make baskets, placemats, lamps, lanterns, jewels, home decorations, baskets for your pets and much more with infinite shapes, models and dimensions, all creatively RECYCLING a now precious material: PAPER .

To carry out the work, you can use the daily newspapers, magazines, gift wrapping paper or books that you are fond of but that you may never re-read, and therefore ... what better idea than to transform them into creative green objects? Recovering an ancient craftsmanship, that of the basket maker, they will go to resume the same movements with their hands, doing just this mantra with a distant flavor.

The experience is suitable for both BEGINNERS (for those starting from scratch, therefore) and for those who want to refine the technique or finish. The student will obviously go home with his own creation!


Modules of 6 hours each:

LEVEL 1: You’ll learn to build paper straws and to make your first basket, final protection included

LEVEL 2: You’ll perfect the weaving by applying multiple techniques of varied effect and difficulty, final protection included

LEVEL 3: Compose more complex shapes, ultimate protection included



Cost of 1 module, any level (6 hours): € 80,00

Cost of 2 modules, any level (12 hours): € 150,00

Cost of 3 modules, any level (18 hours): € 200,00

Cost per hour: € 13,00

In the case of groups of 3 and over there is a 10% discount.

Maximum number of participants per session: 6



Courses are organized on request on weekends throughout the year at ARCOARTE studios. It is possible to agree on dates and times directly with the teacher.



If you want to treat yourself to a creative weekend, spend several days dedicated to art and creativity, Arco Arte always puts its accommodations at your disposal. To find out more, discover the Arco Arte accommodation.


Contacts for information and reservations:

Barbara +39 388 7777000

Pamela +39 329 2157987


At the Atelier La Goccia, adjacent to the Arco Arte school, it is possible to learn the art of working with clay and its manipulation, according to different techniques. The teacher, always present, is available to agree upon the duration, dates and times of the various courses.

To find out more, visit the section dedicated to Clay Modeling Courses.


In addition to the manipulation of clay, at the Atelier La Goccia it is possible to learn how to decorate ceramics. No preparation or drawing skills are required to take a decoration course. Also in this case there is no calendar of courses, but it is possible to agree on dates and times according to your needs.

To find out more, visit the section dedicated to Ceramic Decoration Courses.