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The courses of Ceramic Decoration are customizable and suitable for everyone. Courses can start from two different bases: from an already formed object, provided by the studio, the so-called "biscotto (cookie)" or from your object made during the clay modeling course.

To attend this course it is not necessary to have the basic skills of drawing but rather the concentration and above all the passion for learning the delicacy of the technique of decorating an object. The final product, after being baked in the kiln, will belong to the student.

The clay can be decorated using different DECORATION TECHNIQUES.

Each technique has a different course module:

Course D1 - ENGOBE

Course D2 - MAJOLICA (above the enamel)

Couse D3 - Under-glaze decoration

Basic module: 6 hours approximately
Subsequent modules: multiples of 3 hours

All year round
Customizable (dates and times to be agreed)

Training, use of tools, enamels and colors (950° maximum), biscotti as specified, teacher, 1 final baking

please see the section dedicated to course prices

Balance on arrival

Course Duration:

Basic module: 6 hours (first course)

Subsequent modules: multiples of 3 hour


Basic module (6 hours): € 90.00

Additional modul e (3 hours): € 45.00

Annual registration € 20.00

The price includes:

Use of tools, enamels, colors in sufficient proportions, biscotti as specified, teacher, 1 final baking.


  • The Studio Atelier La Goccia also offers the possibility to rent a space  in the workshop, to practice and/or to freely implement your ideas. Also in this case the booking can be agreed directly with the Studio
  • ASK FOR A QUOTE if you are interested in our workspaces to implement your own ideas!