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Modeled clay sculpture course

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The Modeled Clay Sculpture Course will be held at the Studio Atelier la Goccia (next to the Arco Arte school). The course is intended both for beginners and for more experienced sculptors and does not necessarily require knowledge on the matter. During the course the correct use of tools, supports, material and modeling techniques will be shown step by step, so that each student can create his/her own sculptural work. The student, according to his/her level of experience and desire, may model a sculpture in its entirety, or a clay bas-relief.
A kiln for terracotta is available at the Atelier la Goccia.

For more information visit the website of the Studio Atelier La Goccia.

suggested minimum 18 hours

Customizable (dates and times to be agreed)

from 29 July to 2 August
from 5 to 9 August

Training, clay, teacher, use of tools, 1 baking, use of plaster models

Please see the section dedicated to course price

Balance on arrival

Basic Course

Dates to be agreed with the organization. The courses are designed to be a progressive educational path. They are ideal, therefore, for beginners.

Customizable: Days, duration and exact theme to be agreed with the Studio.

The cost includes: Clay, teacher, use of tools, 1 baking, use of plaster models  

Excluded: travel, board, accommodation, possible packaging and shipping of the work carried out, other services not specified.


€ 20,00 (iscrizione annuale)

€ 210.00 (corso di 12 ore)

€ 310.00 (corso di 18 ore)

€ 400.00 (corso di 24 ore)

€ 480.00 (corso di 30 ore)

3 ore aggiuntive € 45,00

To find out more, visit the Accommodation page.

Modeled Clay Course Dates

Courses on sculpting modeled clay are customizable: dates and times can be agreed directly with the Studio Atelier La Goccia.


BASIC COURSE: times to be agreed

IN-DEPTH COURSE: 4 days, 6 hours per day with teacher assistance. From 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.


€ 20,00 (annual membership)

€ 210.00 (12 hour course)

€ 310.00 (18 hour course)

€ 400.00 (24 hour course)

€ 480.00 (30 hour course)

3 additional hours € 45,00

The price includes:

Training, clay, teacher, use of tools, 1 final baking, use of plaster models


Payment of an additional fee will be required for a living model, and in-depth course requests. 

The sculptures must not exceed the following dimensions: 30x15x15 cm to be baked in the kiln available.

Course language: French / English / Italian

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The Studio offers various types of accommodation (bedroom in apartment AP, bedroom plus kitchenette APK, mini apartment MP). If the student is interested in one of the aforementioned types, he/she will have to notify the Studio at the booking time in order to know the availability and costs. Alternatively, the student can make alternative arrangements for lodging. In this case the Atelier La Goccia is available to provide information and prices of the facilities nearby accommodation (B & B downtown Carrara).

For more information and to know the costs of our accommodation: visit the section dedicated to accommodation.


Arco Arte is open to (almost) any request: if you have any doubt about our activities or a particular need do not hesitate to write us. We are here to help you!