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The rental of work space is a service designed specifically for sculptors and potters, both beginners and experts, who wish to rent our spaces to work on their projects independently.

Those who do not wish to follow a training course can use the  "living and working at the same site" formula to rent accommodation and space in the plaza to sculpt or a space in the workshop to decorate ceramics/model clay. The environment will be the same as that of those who benefit from the teaching and technical assistance of a professor: Arco Arte's studio in Carrara. Art , its history and tradition cannot be separated from the location.

Types of practice:



TYPE: Practice on marble sculpting with manual tools

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Accommodation, space, support, manual equipment for  handling and transport (if any)


TYPE: Practice on marble sculpture with mechanical equipment and or compressed air

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Accommodation, space, support, any manual equipment for  handling and transport, electricity, air, dust extractor where necessary (open space, or space in an arranged closed structure)

NAME: Clay

TYPE: Practice on clay modeling  and/or majolica decoration

WHAT IT INCLUDES: Space, supports, tools. On request: material, accommodation, tutor.


Arco Arte offers different accommodation solutions:

AP: single room/double room for an accompanying person: private bathroom and shared kitchen

APK:  Single/double rooms with personal bathroom and personal kitchenette.

MP: single room/double room for an accompanying person: private bathroom and private kitchen

During the booking process, it will be possible to know the  availability and request a personalized quote.



Guests can choose their own piece of marble from a range of blocks of regular or irregular shape, directly in the Arco Arte yard .   Upon request, marble of a specific size will be provided, which may be found ready in the yards, after prior cost quotation, agreements, and possible payment of the piece. The cost of the material is not included , so please  CONTACT US for a quote.

In the spaces provided by Arco Arte it will be possible to practice on pieces of marble of a size that is easy to move (please request specifications based on your project). If the piece exceeds the available dimensions, guests may use the Arco Arte accommodation and practice on large pieces of marble at two studios located about 1 km away.


The La Goccia laboratory adjacent to the Arco Arte work areas makes available on request the amount of clay (red or white Tuscan temperature 980 ° -1040 °) necessary for processing (cost excluded from the space rental).

At the time of booking, we recommend that you indicate how much clay must be available in order to have it already on site upon arrival. The same goes for glazes and colors.

The cost of the material and the use of kilns is not included ; thus, please CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE.


From February to the first half of December.

Those who are interested in using our work areas must send us a request to know the availability for both the accommodation and the practice spaces.

A detailed quote will follow regarding accommodation, space,  materials and possible use of the oven, or other if requested.


These are the time schedules that guests can dedicate to practice at Arco Arte:

Type A and ARGILLA practice: from sunrise to sunset, in full respect of the guests' right to rest.

Type B practice: from Monday to Friday: from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00  p.m. Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Guests can also sculpt outside the above hours, without the use of mechanical or air equipment, in silence.


Safety in the workplace is important! Before any practice session, Arco Arte wishes to remind that: it is MANDATORY  to use protective equipment in accordance with the law.

For all types of practice it is mandatory to use protective goggles, gloves, comfortable work clothes and sturdy shoes.

In the case of type B practice, earplugs and masks are also required.

On arrival, all instructions will be provided in order to work comfortably while preventing accidents. 

How to book:

The rental space service can be requested throughout the year . Only during the period in which Arco Arte organizes courses (from May to October) the service is available according to the calendar. Discover the summer dates available this year: WORKSPACE FOR RENT AT ARCO ARTE   (SUMMER CALENDAR).  

Please contact Arco Arte by e-mail -   - or by  phone  +39 388 7777000 - to book directly your workspace.


Arco Arte is open to (almost) any request: if you have any doubt about our activities or a particular need do not hesitate to write us. We are here to help you!